CACICA (pronounced ka-see-ka, from the Taíno word for the female chief or leader of a tribe of the indigenous peoples who were encountered by Columbus), is an outstanding, comprehensive Management and Production Consulting Service founded by Kristie Velasco. The company is located in New York City and is well rooted in all aspects of entertainment and media management, marketing, production and distribution. The company leverages moreKristie Velasco than 30 years of experience in entertainment law, government, business management, the myraid of media and entertainment industries and academia to provide amazing, top-notch services to their clients.

The company specializes in Media and Entertainment Startups, Business Modeling, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Latino and Multicultural Media, Entertainment Production, Marketing, Positioning, Outreach and many more aspects of the industry.

Clients have consistently expressed an appreciation for CACICA’s commitment to ethical standards and excellence over the years. Specifically their expertise in developing product pitches, budgeting, positioning and incorporating new media into traditional media and entertainment businesses as well as our visceral understanding and expertise in Latino, multicultural and other niche markets.

As consultants for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in today’s global and digitized media and entertainment industries, we strive to maintain a level of excellence while we stay abreast of and anticipate advances or changes in technology, business modeling, media buying, event production, politics and law or any other field that might impact our clients.